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"Griggsy's range of knowledge is incredible. He's got the knowledge on how to get to a World Title, but it's beyond that. Things like nutrition, mentatlity, the mind and meditating. I can have a million things going on in my head, so meditating has helped to control that and see the things I need to focus on."

Owen Wright, ASP Pro Surfer

"I've never met someone who truly invests the time up front to get to know you on a really deep level and work with you on your journey towards self improvement and what it means to be operating in peak performance."

Paul Burrod, CEO Facebook Australia/New Zealand


Working With Time - posted by Matt on Monday, March 16th, 2015 1:31 am

Some time ago, a meditation student of mine was losing patience in her ability to calm her mind of chatter and was becoming frustrated. I asked her, “How long did it take to learn how to walk?” She answered, “I don’t know, a year or two?” I then asked, “Was it worth it?”

Patience is an understanding of time and time is something that everyone needs to learn how to work with. The reality is, time is a human concept, but now we have to find a way to live by this creation without being limited by it. If high performance is on your pathway, learning patience and efficiency is needed so you are managing time and it isn't managing you. 

First of all, how do you see time? Though there is only a certain amount of hours in the day, try to see time as a window of opportunity, not a constraint. Now, how do you experience time? Time can only be experienced in the moment. This form of mindfullness is called presence. But you also have a brain that can think about the future and measure time, bringing a feeling of separation. This is where the limitations start... when you stop experiencing time and start measuring it. Have you noticed when you're not having a good time is when you seem to look at the clock and when you are you forget you have one? Would you agree that the biggest waste of time is when you are not enjoying the experience of it? 

Measuring time and thinking about past and future creates inpatience and frustration, because you're trying to be somewhere you can't. If you are to work with time efficienctly, the first thing you need to learn is presence. For this I recommend (Kelee) meditation. KM calms excess energy in the brain and at the surface of the mind so you can access mind function. I.e, the feeling of presence. Stilling the mind also develops focus and the calming of time-stealing thoughts and mindless distractions. As you develop presence, you don't waste time on things you can't influence (like the future of the past). As you develop focus and clarity, you make better decisions with what's in front of you and who you have around you (like people that suck). As you detach from unnecessary thinking and internalised fears, you will not only have more time, but less limitations within it. Then it becomes a matter of where you put your time that feels worthwhile to you.

Where ever you direct your time is where you will see growth in your life. Whether you are aware of it or not, the most valuable thing you have is your time. And you know what is most important to you, because you give it your time and feel bad when you can't. Write a list right now of all the things that demand your time. How much time are you putting into the things you really care about? If you sense an inbalance in your life you will most probably see it on this list. With this knowledge of how the world works, be wise and be fearless - and do something about creating a life you want to live. 

Your life is yours to live. Are you turning up to these moments of opportunity focused and on purpose? Or are you drifting with uncertainty and mindless distractions.To get to an elite level of performance requires the ability to work with time efficiently, it requires great patience, as well as practice and persistence, but most of all, it comes from a mind aware of it's pathway - and although this mind may have a good feeling of what lies ahead with your future, it has the wisdom of staying in the moment - the only place you can create it.

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