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Matt is a high performance coach and teacher of the mind and meditation across elite business, sport and life.

Our mission is to offer a way, for those that are looking, to access the elite realm of health, happiness and high performance - and to acheive greatness without compromising yourself in the process.

All problems and blocks in life come from a lack of awareness. Our high performance and mindfull programs are based on natural principles and practices that enlighten self-awareness, promote evolved skills and knowledge in the elite realm, thus inspiring confidence and purpose on your pathway. We show a way, via Kelee Meditation, to understand your own mind, develop focus and clarity, detach from negativity (such as stress, anxiety and depression) - and open to your true nature. 

Our offering is for athletes and executives already in, or wanting to access, the elite realm of the mind and performance. If you have the will, we can show a way. Please feel free to look around, sign up to our newsletter for articles and latest info - or contact us if you have any enquires. 


"Griggsy's range of knowledge is incredible. He's got the knowledge on how to get to a World Title, but it's beyond that. Things like nutrition, mentality, the mind and meditating. I can have a million things going on in my head, so meditating has helped to control that and see the things I need to focus on."

Owen Wright, ASP Pro Surfer

"I've never met someone who truly invests the time up front to get to know you on a really deep level and work with you on your journey towards self improvement and what it means to be operating in peak performance."

Paul Burrod, CEO Facebook Australia/New Zealand


TROUBLE-SHOOTING YOUR PERFORMANCE - posted by Matt on Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 9:29 pm

Win, lose or draw, the best thing you can do from your previous performance, is learn from it. But do you have a way to trouble-shoot your performance - and is it effective? If you back up from the result, which is the by-product of what you did, the next logical step, is to look at technique (your skill and knowledge in action). While this is important, it may never actually get to the root of the problem. If we go deeper into our line of enquiry, we’ll see there may be a few more forces at play.

Have you ever felt fully conscious, where everything seems to happen in slow motion? Have you ever noticed what happens when your will is strong and your mind is clear, when you feel free… Not just the result, but even your enjoyment of it.

Have you ever experienced anxiety, fear or nerves in a performance? Have you noticed what happens to the feeling of your body and subsequently, the technical application of your skill and finally, the result? Have you ever been asked, “What were you thinking?” and not be able to answer because you don’t even understand how you could make such a bad decision? It doesn’t make sense that a great performer can all of a sudden become a bad one. This is the stress-effect… and it does happen in that order. This is why we need a holistic way to understand the cause that happens before the effect.

If there is a breakdown in performance, we need to understand where the breakdown was… and often, it starts at the source… our mind. For whatever reason, there seems to be a discomfort in people to leave the comfortable realm of quantifiability and look at emotion, but If we are going to get to the bottom of the problem, we have to open ourselves to the bottom, not just skim across the surface. Otherwise, we are often trying to solve a breakdown in performance that only broke down because of the fear, stress or lack of awareness that preceded it. Here is a basic and systematic way to trouble-shoot an error, or even a missing in your performance, starting at the bottom.  

  1. Is it psychological? I.e., did fear or doubt get in they way?
  2. Is it physical? I.e., a lack of fitness
  3. Is it tactical? I.e., you didn’t do your homework?
  4. Is it technical? I.e., you lack the skill or knowledge to perform a particular task?

Greatness was never achieved without a willingness to look deeply within yourself - and face the very elements that are holding you back. Once this is understood, you will need a way to fix the error or missing, which ends up being a process of either deletion or refinement, so you can perform without that particular limitation. If the limitation is in your mind, a daily discipline like Kelee Meditation can help. Kelee Meditation has been medically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It is a true cleansing technique that promotes stability, clarity and the dissolution of compartmentalised fear. When the mind feels pure, so too will your performance and your ability to trouble shoot it. The result, a stronger performance from the inside out. 

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