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Matt is a high performance coach and teacher of the mind and meditation across elite business, sport and life.

Our mission is to offer a way, for those that are looking, to access the elite realm of health, happiness and high performance - and to acheive greatness without compromising yourself in the process.

All problems and blocks in life come from a lack of awareness. Our high performance and mindfull programs are based on natural principles and practices that enlighten self-awareness, promote evolved skills and knowledge in the elite realm, thus inspiring confidence and purpose on your pathway. We show a way, via Kelee Meditation, to understand your own mind, develop focus and clarity, detach from negativity (such as stress, anxiety and depression) - and open to your true nature. 

If you have the will to drop your fears and access the elite realm of the mind and performance, we can show a way. Please feel free to look around, sign up to our newsletter for articles and latest info - or contact us if you have any enquires. 


"Griggsy's range of knowledge is incredible. He's got the knowledge on how to get to a World Title, but it's beyond that. Things like nutrition, mentality, the mind and meditating. I can have a million things going on in my head, so meditating has helped to control that and see the things I need to focus on."

Owen Wright, ASP Pro Surfer

"I've never met someone who truly invests the time up front to get to know you on a really deep level and work with you on your journey towards self improvement and what it means to be operating in peak performance."

Paul Burrod, CEO Facebook Australia/New Zealand


Handling the Force - posted by Matt on Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 12:56 am

When a system can’t handle a specific load or force, it becomes stressed - and like anything in nature, the break happens in its weakest point. Imagine developing a mind and body that has the strength to handle life’s load, that can identify weak points and strengthen them, not matter where you go? What would that mean for your pathway of health happiness and performance? 

There are two forces at play here: physical and mental and we often encounter an onslaught of physical and mental pressures in life that can break an untrained individual. When I watch someone make a mistake, I.e., they have fallen on a wave, dropped a ball, or said the wrong thing in a meeting, I would consider that a break; either a break in focus for example (mental), or in the case of sports, they weren’t strong or flexible enough to access a particular skill (physical). 

We live in a world where people’s attention is mostly focused outside of themselves and are quick to blame and opinionate over other people’s short-comings, yet fail to recognise their own. Turn your attention inwardly for a moment, where are your weak points? If you’re serious about success, learn to strengthen both the mind and body to better handle outward and inward pressures. Only then will you feel more unbreakable on the high performance pathway. 


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